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“There is not a step we can take, that does not take us further.”

Jason Webley, Seattle


“The Time is Now.”

Roisin Murphy, London


“Cause you’re Innocent when you dream, you’re innocent…”

Tom Waits, San Francisco

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Ritz Mollema

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Anyone spending more than an hour in the idyllic town of Ohrid, on the lake of the same name, cannot escape the Dutchman A. den Doolaard, pseudonym of Cornelis ‘Bob’ Spoelstra. The centuries-old northern Macedonian town is home to a monument to this writer-adventurer and even a museum in a particularly central location. Or rather a memorial room with photos and dozens of books in almost as many languages.

In the first decades after the war, Den Doolaard, who died in Hoenderloo twenty-five years ago, also enjoyed great fame in the Netherlands. Through his work as an announcer for Radio Oranje, the London-based resistance station, but also through the novels he wrote during his wanderings around the world in the years before the war. One particularly popular novel, Inn with the Horseshoe (a thin one) is set in Albania. Another hit, Wedding of the Seven Gypsies (also no brick) is set just across that country’s border, in Ohrid.

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The song owes its name from Ederlezi, which is a Spring festival, celebrating the return of springtime especially by Romani people in the Balkans, and elsewhere around the world. Ederlezi is the Romani name for the BulgarianMacedonianAlbanian and Serbian Feast of Saint George. It is celebrated on 6 May [O.S. 23 April] (occurring approximately 40 days after the spring equinox). The various Balkan spellings (Herdeljez, Erdelezi) are variants of the Turkish Hıdırellez, a holiday signaling the beginning of spring, occurring on the same day.


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